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What to consider when hiring a telehandler


A telehandler is one of the most essential machineries for different types of construction projects. If you are currently developing such a project and you require a telehandler or a forklift, then hiring one is the fastest and most affordable option you have. Although, many business owners choose to purchase their own equipment, hiring is a better alternative, being cheaper and more convenient. However, when it comes to telehandler hire, it is necessary to keep in mind a few important considerations. If you are searching for a hire company in your area, here is what you should think through beforehand:

Think about weight capacity

The first thing you will need to consider is how much weight the telehandler will need to carry and lift. Each telehandler has a maximum capacity, so you need to think carefully about this aspect, before choosing one or another. Before renting, make sure to obtain an accurate measurement of what you will need to lift. The shape of the items is also relevant. In some situations, a telehandler attachment is required, so pay close attention to this aspect.

Maximum lift height

After determining the weight capacity you are interested in, the next step is to think about the maximum reach height. Measurements need to be as accurate as possible, to avoid any inconveniences during the project development. A telehandler that does not reach the height you require will be a waste of your money, so take some time to establish this detail. A telehandler’s maximum lift height can vary from 4-6 metres to 20, so you will certainly find an option suitable for your needs.

Ground surface

The environment you will be using the telehandler is another relevant detail. Perhaps you will be using the equipment in a warehouse, construction site or factory. The environment and ground surface this type of machinery is used will make a difference in the type of tires required. The environment is also relevant for the minimum aisle width (if there is one). Make sure you have thought through each one of these details to ensure yourself of an easy telehandler manoeuvre.

For the smooth going of your project, it is imperative to hire a proper telehandler. Instead of buying a new one, which will prove to be extremely expensive, you can simply resort to a hire company that can provide you with exactly the equipment you need. Look online for a company that seems reliable and trustworthy and select the right equipment for your requirements.