Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Trends you should look for in terms of house decorations


Interior design is a field extremely similar to fashion: trends come and go, people often change their preferences and accessories play an important role, as far as the final result is concerned. Dedicated magazines and online platforms are constantly announcing that big changes are on the way, and you may feel confused or overwhelmed. New trends are always emerging, but what you should do is choose the pieces of furniture and decorations that represent you the best, while also making sure you keep up with the tendencies. Remember that your house should be comfortable more than anything else, and while rigid crystal ornaments may look amazing, these are not always suitable to a home where children live and play daily. However, here are some of the trends which seem to be extremely popular at the moment.

Wall art

Whether you choose to display scenes belonging to nature or abstract art, your walls should be prepared for the next season. Purchasing oversized paintings seems to be a late hour tendency, which is why if you have a blank wall, you should definitely try this. Whether you choose a natural landscape or a portrait, a huge painting will look amazing, making a statement in terms of interior design. In addition to this, a supersized photograph will also make the room seem more spacious and bright, while also being an elegant choice. Do not forget about the Tetris-like picture placement either – original combinations and prints are still very fashionable, especially if you have a smaller house. You can try to frame traditional family pictures, patterns and even quotes printed on a piece of paper – all these will bring an air of originality and innovation.


Uncommon fabrics and decorations

As you know, you can use almost anything to decorate your house, from ribbons to paper, or stone to forged metal. There are various providers, such as, where you can order affordable fabrics for the most original ornaments. Eccentric choices are in great demand. For instance, a big paper lantern will bring an elegant and minimalistic touch to your living room. So instead of installing a traditional chandelier, you should focus on purchasing this modern alternative to hang from your ceiling – a genuine inspiration from the famous Nordic Design.


Creative storage solutions

When it comes to storage, you can get as creative as you want. Besides the traditional cabinets, wardrobes and boxes, you should also try some innovative methods. Everybody knows that making use of vertical space is extremely efficient, and the first thing which may come to your mind is adding some more shelves. This is a good idea, but you should start thinking outside the box: hang your staff directly on the walls or ceiling. The open shelving is the best option especially for your kitchen, where you need on the items carefully organized, yet handy. In case you want to avid everybody seeing your staff, you could use some paper boxes – these are extremely affordable and come in a wide range of prints and models.