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The latest trends in home furniture


Just like fashion, interior design is subject to many seasonal changes and if you skim the pages of a specialised magazine you will definitely find many creative ideas that can turn an average house into a warm, welcoming and personal home. For 2015, specialists have noticed two major sources of interest. On the one hand, there is bedroom furniture, which comprises beds, bedframes, dressing tables, storage trunks, drawers and lockers. On the other hand, outdoor gardens have become very popular lately, so people are starting to look for innovative ways of decorating them with outdoor furniture.

Bedroom furniture – the return to classical beauty


For many years, the minimal furniture trend has ruled over every region in the world and, while some may still have an interest in, it is slowly started to be replaced with more traditional, rural-inspired furniture items. Instead of laminate, most and more homeowners would rather invest larger amounts in sustainable, massive wood furniture with an elegant and sophisticated look. Without appearing old or outdated, popular furniture items have a classic look to them, drawing inspiration from timeless decorative tendencies such as shabby chic or provincial. In today’s fast and chaotic world, the modern homeowner wants the bedroom to be comfy, pleasant and personal, so up-to-date furniture stores have what it takes to turn a simple room into an oasis of relaxation.


Outdoor furniture – practical ideas for the ultimate home


If you are lucky enough to have a large space surrounding your house, you can try out one of the many outdoor furniture ideas. In a country like Ireland, for example, which has some of the most amazing natural sceneries in the world, many homeowners look for outdoor furniture Ireland stores to turn their gardens into relaxing spaces. Whether you want to focus on entertainment or lounging, aluminium furniture is by far the most sought option, not only thanks to its sleek look and affordability, but also thanks to its durability. Another idea is to build a deck with outdoor heating and place charming bistro sets and swing chairs in it. If you usually entertain a lot of guests, then you might also consider having a look at cast aluminium or solid wood benches. Don’t forget to check online galleries for inspiration on how to add decorations such as scatter cushions, throws and blankets for a cosy effect. Last, but not least, make sure you match the benches and tables with the chairs.