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The Benefits of Whole House Water Filter Systems


In a world where our health is constantly attacked by the negative effects of pollution, we turn to our homes as a refuge from all the impurity of the modern day society. Little do we know that even our home is not safe and the water which appears to be pure is filled with numerous toxins and microscopic contaminants. The few people who are aware of the dangers of impure water, turn to bottled water in order to protect themselves. However, this choice has numerous disadvantages. For starters, bottled water is rather expensive, considering the fact that it is just water. Furthermore, if you are interested in protecting the environment, you should avoid buying unnecessary bottled products. Last but not least, the biggest disadvantage of buying bottled water is that you are wasting money without being fully protected. Even if you no longer drink tap water, you can still come in contact with water toxins. They enter your skin and you inhale them when you take a shower or a bath. You can also inhale toxic vapors when the washing machine is running or when you flush a toilet. Whole house water filter systems are the only solutions which can completely protect you against water contaminants.

Whole house filters vs source filters

Pitcher filters, under sink filters and faucet filters are just a few of the many water source filters which can protect you from the toxins found in the municipal waters. However, in order to truly protect yourself from water toxins, you would have to install such filters on all of your water sources. Needless to say, the filters which are mounted on water sources require individual maintenance. An average home would require an investment of over $1200 in order to mount filters on all the water sources. This initial investment will grow as you would have to replace the filters for each device individually. On the other hand, whole house water filter systems are mounted at the point where the municipal pipes connect to your home’s pipes therefore they automatically deliver pure water to all of your indoor water sources. Furthermore, these devices require little maintenance and they are a lot more durable than small filters.

What are the best whole house water filter systems?

The water filter market has a wide variety of small filters, but few choices when it comes to whole house filters. As such, there are only a handful of whole house filters available on the market. Most of them are priced around $1000. When buying such an equipment make sure you know how to install it or at least make sure to include an installation service in your package. Buy from a reputable company which has a good client service program. Also, read some whole house water filter reviews so that you can make an informed purchase. You can read some great reviews on the website, which is very comprehensive and thorough when it comes to analyzing water filters. It is ideal if the water system features an indicator which lets you know whenever you need to replace the filter cartridge. Last but not least, since this is a long term investment, make sure that the filter comes with a good warranty package.