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Small Space Design Ideas


Personalize a clothes closet in a small room can be at least challenging especially if you’re doing this in a mobile home some may even think it’s impossible in some cases these could even be true, but that is not something we even want to think about when we know that we can have everything we ever wanted out of our small budget that we have on hand. Since space is at a premium in our situation the obvious solution will be to try and keep your scale as small as possible but yet try not to make it look disproportionate if it will be to tall or to wide it will look esthetically unpleasant, what you should do is try to evaluate your needs according your allocated space and make the most of it.

Small doesn’t necessary mean crowded and sloppy nor dose it mean cheap, and that’s exactly where our small space design idea comes into play. The easiest way to organize small space is to implement the fastest and most reliable solution in designing, which is to have a thoroughly organized space, you can easily do that by spacing out your working space with some cardboard for example which is thin and light but can make a nice spacer for your sox or underwear. Since your space can’t be too tall you probably won’t have the luxury of arranging a hanging place to store your shirts or pants, so you might consider arranging them in such a manner that you can stack them without having to iron them again when you have to pull them out for use. Search some home improvement tips if you want that small spaces appear larger and function more effectively.

Now since we got rid of all the stuff we want to take with us for a few days we can concentrate on the bed/sleeping space of our moving home and the kitchen, which would be best suited for the rear or front axis of the van which offer good cushioning for the road. Don’t forget if you want to make the most out of your available space that under the bed is a good spot to store an extendable table or bedding.

Working with mobile housing solutions require some intuitive persons with strong ideas in designing small spaces especially when in comes to deciding if you have the space for a bathroom or not in your small space, and the answer is of course you need a bathroom and therefore you have to make room for one the trick is you don’t have to dedicate a space just for these sole purpose you can have multiple uses for one of your closets which can easily store a ecological toilet.

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