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Raspberry Bedroom Ideas

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Are you young and full of energy or you’re just feeling fluffy? If so maybe you would consider redecorating our bedroom with a raspberry theme. Why raspberry one may ask well it is one of the richest fruits in antioxidants, fibers and vitamins, but you’re not going to eat your walls so it is mainly because its color is pink or maybe you like it’s round bubbly form or you grown drawn by it’s spines. You definitely have from where to choose if you want to decorate your bedroom with a raspberry theme.


You can basically find any type of raspberry themed furniture you can think about stating from the borrowing of the form like the stool or pillows that have not only the shape and color as the real think but you can find products that have even the smell of the raspberry. The raspberry pattern and design can be found on sheets chair legs desks or other furniture peaces.

The walls can be painted in any neutral color of your choosing or you can opt for the classical pink color or use some wallpaper if you want to have a more modern approach you can either use the real pictures of raspberry or have some paint bushed directly on the wall you can find wall corners with a raspberry theme, however if it is the first time you ever do these I would suggest to go ahead and buy some pre-made stuff like the stamps. If you feel confident in you artistic skills you can chose to even airbrush the “Raspberry Beret” lyrics by Prince on your wall.

Raspberry walls

When it comes to light fixtures, finding some to fit your theme is not hard you can find some that come with some raspberry tent light bulbs or even in raspberry shapes. If you can’t find them on the market you can buy normal ones and modify them with ease just adding a soft light and transparent raspberry colored cloth around them or the florescent light you can change the ambient light emitted by them in turn having your room immersed in raspberry pink. Light switches as well as their cables can be decorated in such a manner to resemble raspberry foils or strain.

Raspberry Bedroom Ideas

In order to fully complete our raspberry themed bedroom we need some accessories in this category we can find different designs of jewelry and jewelry boxes small trinkets shaped as raspberry, clocks frames with raspberry themes can be found without to much trouble.

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