Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Nursery Decorating Ideas


There is nothing comparable to the joy of having a child; a fresh, new little life brings optimism and makes those around it feel younger and more energetic as well. As such, everything that surrounds a child is joyous and everyone does their best to make the world seem beautiful and perfect around the baby. This begins with the newborn’s room, the first environment that they have to get accustomed with, and which has to serve a number of practical needs as well, not just aesthetic ones. In what follows we are going to give you some nursery decorating ideas that you may like, or that may at least inspire you, or get you out of a decor impasse.

First of all, you no longer have to go by the classical pink for girls and blue for boys; you can reverse them, choose other colors, or even go for something more complex if you like. It is also a good idea to create the decor so that when the child grows, you won’t have to make too many changes in colors, furniture, or other details. So instead of going for something very infantile and stereotypical, go towards something that is creative and inspiring; that way, your child will grow in an environment that nurtures and exults their imagination. One of the most common nursery decorating ideas that new parents struggle with is choosing a color for the walls; somehow, it seems like a single block of color all over is not enough.

However, it is a very good idea to choose two, or even three colors for the walls; for example, you can create white and yellow thick, horizontal lines on the walls. It is relatively easy to do, and it gives the room a different character. Another option is to put paneling on the lower half of the room, as this creates a cozy atmosphere. Try not to clutter the nursery with too many pieces of furniture; think first of those pieces that you really need like the cot, the diaper changing station, closets for clothes, and some storage space for toys. Growing babies change a lot of these things, and pretty soon you won’t have enough room for them.

Try also to think of your baby’s comfort, and plan beforehand details regarding lighting, placing the baby monitor, creating a shelf for utensils you’ll be using daily, and even consider placing a dehumidifier in the room. This may seem out of place, but if you live in humid areas, then you know mold, mildew and other similar phenomena can occur inside the house. That is why you have to invest in a quiet dehumidifier, one that doesn’t disturb the newborn, but that is performing and efficient. It’s not all about nursery decorating ideas and making everything look pretty, but, most of all, about welcoming the new member of your family. So if a quiet dehumidifier is what’s needed, then get one, so nobody in the house has any respiratory problems.

We were saying earlier how it would be a good idea to think ahead when decorating the nursery; in that respect, another great idea would be to opt for a convertible crib, one which you can enlarge as the child grows, and which can lose some of its barriers when you stop worrying they’ll fall from it. For those objects and things you know you won’t be keeping forever (like clothes they grow out of, breast pumps, toys, blankets, etc.), you can also opt for temporary storage; instead of investing a lot of money in a tiny baby wardrobe that just looks fun like a doll’s house, put temporary objects in storage boxes, foldable shelves, and other structures that allow you to still keep everything organized.