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Meals that make Philippines the perfect travel destination for food lovers 



If you are a food lover, then you probably cannot imagine going on vacation and not trying a new, tasty meal. Well, if cuisine is one of your considerations, when selecting a travel destination, then you cannot go wrong with the Philippines, a location that is worldwide known for having some particular delicious meals.  You can find out about great local restaurant, or travel information on the Philippines, just by search on the internet on various websites, one example being Here are a few must-try’s in terms of Filipino cuisine, as well as some useful tips, if you do decide to travel there one day:

Leche flan – the king of desserts

As a food lover, you probably never skip dessert, right? Well, one of the best desserts you can eat in the Philippines, a desert that you will probably find at any Filipino restaurant, is the famous Leche Flan. Although it taste like caramel, it is cooked using egg yolks and condensed milk. But is it really matter what ingredients are used, when it tastes so incredibly good? Probably not, so do not forget to try it when visiting. You can find online the best restaurant to eat this dish at, on platforms such as

Any pork dish on the menu

If you are not quite sure what to order for your first ever meal in Philippines, then you should go with any dish that has pork with it. The chefs of this country (a meat loving country) use this ingredient for many of their meals, so anything that has pork meat in it will be a star course, and definitely delicious.

Sweet and sour meals

Even if you might not be a big fan of sweet and sour dishes, the meals you can eat in this country will make you change your mind. Whether it is a chicken soup topped with a strong sour taste, or a sweet crab meal, these two flavors are predominant in the majority of their meals. So if you want to experience their authentic cuisine, make sure you try at least on of this combinations, you will not regret it.

How to make sure you are experiencing the best dishes

Although the Philippines has so much to offer in terms of food, in order for the dishes to meet your expectations, they need to be prepared by the right cooks. To make sure you are not eating at a restaurant that is less than satisfactory, you should take the time to look for some guidelines regarding the most popular local restaurant. Regardless if it is the Philippines or any other country, reading a review is essential before stepping inside a restaurant.  

If you love trying out new dishes, and experiencing what each country’s cuisine has to offer, then the Philippines will make a great travel destination. As you can see, you can delight your tasted buds by trying out the tasty dishes that are symbolic for Philippines’ culinary art. So, if you do decide to choose this destination for your next vacation, make sure you do not forget to try authentic meals, because you will certainly not be disappointed in their amazing taste.