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Marquee event planning – how to get flawless results


If you are in charge with organising a big event, then you probably already know that the venue should be one of your first concerns. Depending on the time and the occasion, you have to choose the most suitable, comfortable and special location. In case you have been checking all the restaurants and ballrooms in the area, but none seems to be what you need, then how about trying something more original, such as an outdoor event? Organising your celebration in a special location, such as a garden is an innovative idea that will surprise everyone. In case you fear the weather will ruin your planning, rest assures there are plenty of solutions you can implement. One of the most popular is installing a marquee. Marquee parties have become increasingly popular since they provide guests with a laid back yet classy atmosphere. If you want to make sure everything goes perfectly, read on to find out some of the milestones of planning such an event.

Timing is not a definite criterion

Although the marquee provides you with reliable shelter and protection against bad weather conditions, if there is a storm coming your way, you should probably think twice before sending the invites. However, the good news is that certain companies offer constructions able to create a comfortable space outdoors, even if temperatures are not that high. So, even if summer may not have arrived yet, you can still go on planning your marquee event. You can even go the extra mile and get a marquee party in the winter, since there are special heating and modern flooring systems that can help you imitate an indoor venue perfectly.

Hire a professional company

If you want a construction that is both safe and beautiful, you should collaborate with a specialised company such as Whether it is a large vent, such as a wedding or corporate cocktail, or a small family gathering, a dedicated firm will know exactly what to do in order to offer you the most suitable marquee and the safest services. Make a list of providers in the area, get in touch with them, and then arrange a meeting with the ones that seem to be the most reliable and professional. Tell them which your expectations are and they will tell you what they can do to help you. You will be surprised to see the number of possibilities you have available.

Keep tracking by communicating with an expert

Once you choose the most professional company, remember that you must constantly be up to date with how things are going. For this reason, you should make sure you know who is the person you can call if you want further information. An expert can tell you any technical specification about each feature of the marquee, plus details about lighting, heating, flooring and so on. These are all very important for the success of the event you are planning.