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Make your home look cosier restoring the old chimney


While some people consider the couch the main element of the living room, those who have the benefit of living in a large house can be more creative than that and try to change the focus from the sofa to a fireplace. In any room, this can be easily transformed into the central element, bringing a warm touch and creating a cosy atmosphere. As the focal point of the room, the fireplace and chimney must be in perfect state, so in case you have neglected them, you should immediately get in touch with a company specialized in chimney repair Ottawa and restore them as soon as possible. The fireplace should complement the rest of the space and be suitable with the pieces of furniture, as far as the style is concerned. Taking this into consideration, you should think about a manner in which you can integrate it: choose an appropriate design, matching colours and a suitable mantelpiece. Make sure these draw attention, but avoid making them look out of place.

If you are a fan of simple things, a basic fireplace will be the best choice for you. This will make the room look nice, elegant and classy, because it adds a note of sophistication. Opt for simple margins and an imposing mantel shelf that you can style with various decorative objects such as lamps, framed pictures, candle holders, small planters or trays. In case spend a lot of time in the living room, you could place the TV above the fireplace – this is not only practical, but also very aesthetic. If your house is rather rustic, a traditional chimney will look amazing as the central element of the living room. While the classic mantel will bring some casual elegance, stones, bricks or wooden texture in natural colours will make the space warmer and more welcoming. Earthy tones such as brown, tan or dark green are recommended, and if you want to make the area look wider, you can fix a mirror above. For a modern result, try a combination of whites: many materials (marble, stone or glass) in various shades. The simplicity of design will make the space look homey and soft. The simplicity of the mantel can be complemented by the eye-catching surround: a small wrought iron fence, some huge planters or vases, a large lamp or a colourful painting.


Regardless the style you choose, remember that the aspect of your fireplace can be completely modified if you use the right accessories. The mantel arrangement is maybe the most appealing thing, so allow yourself to be creative and use all the decorations you want.