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Ideas for decorating your student room



Students that are preparing to start their university courses should definitely consider shared accommodation. Sharing accommodation with fellow students of friends will make your shelter cost you less. What is tempting is not only the lowered bills, but also the independence that they offer. In most university towns, you will find a number of private rented accommodation available through agents. Student accommodation Aberystwyth University will basically be your home away from home. You can make your room more homely, but there is so little you can do in terms of decoration. For instance, you cannot bang nails into the walls or paint the walls. So, how are you supposed to make your student accommodation homely?

Make the bed a little bit brighter

The bed will serve as a sofa as well, so you have to invest in cheerful and colourful bedding to brighten it up. Additionally, you can add a few more cushions. The good news is that you do not have to break the bank in order to do so. You can find vibrant duvet and pillow sets at affordable prices in stores such as Ikea. If you cannot afford to go shopping for cushion covers, then you should take out your sewing machine. You can even use cheap fabric, but you should opt for fun and relaxed tones. Avoid light colours because keeping the cushions clean will be a challenge.

Lamps or lights?

A good way to make your room feel cosier is to use decent lighting. You can invest in cheap floor lamps. No only will they make your room cosy, but they will come in very handy when you have late-night gatherings or when you are working late nights. Other students choose the fairy light route. Almost anything looks amazing when it is illuminated by fairy lights including the mess in the corner. Drape the fairly lights around your room, but make sure to turn them off before going to bed. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all student accommodation may ban them for safety reasons.

Rearrange the furniture

Moving one piece of furniture from one side of the room to the other will make a big difference in the décor. According to the experts, you should rearrange your room as soon as you get to university. In order to do so, you first have to evaluate the layout and test different placements. As mentioned before, a good idea is to turn your bed into a daybed so as to create additional setting for your friends. When buying furniture for your room, choose pieces that are multifunctional.

Rugs and mats

Rugs and mats are not at all expensive, you can even pick them up from charity shops. A colourful rug or doormat are a chip way to transform your space. They come in all kinds of sizes and, more importantly colours. An injection of colour will surely make your room feel cosier, homely. As an added bonus, you will have extra insulation for your feet and extra seating for your mates.