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How to Turn Your Home into a Witch’s Lair for Halloween


If you are looking for 2015 cheap Halloween costume ideas, you might as well go with a witch costume, since you can find a lot of cheap variations of which costumes. Nevertheless, just because your costume will be cheap, this doesn’t mean that your Halloween will be boring. For example, with a few decorations (most of which are very cheap), you can decorate your home in a way that will match your costume. To make your house look like a witch’s lair, you will need some decorating items and a little imagination.

Use candles for a diffuse light

The perfect ambiance to make your house look like a witch’s lair is a dark one, filled with mystery and fear. Candles are a witch’s favorite source of light because they deliver a pale light that makes the place look mysterious and creepy, so place as many candles as possible around the house. Remember to only keep lit the ones that you can supervise in order to stay away from fires.

Decorate the place with human skulls

The skulls are preferred by most witches as decorating items and you can use them in any way you like. You can spread small skulls around the house to make it look sinister, you can use skulls as candle holders or you can hang skeletons from the ceiling.

Fill the house with spider webs

Spider webs are commonly seen in movies with witch lair and not because witches don’t like to keep a tidy house, but because spider webs are very spooky. Use a spray that releases spider webs or make ones out of thread and place them in different corners of the house. Attach some fake spiders for an increased feeling of fear and to make the webs look more realistic.

Make everything look black

Every witch loves the black color and uses it on everything, from clothes to the cat they have as a pet to the curtains and covers in their lair. Therefore, decorate the house with as much black as possible to make it look sinister and Gothic.

Turn the kitchen into a witch’s kitchen

Witches spend most of their time in their dark kitchens, making potions and mixing strange ingredients into a black cauldron. To make your house really look like a witch’s lair, turn your kitchen into a place where you can perform your spells. Label small bottles with poison names, place a large cauldron on the stove, turn a regular book into an ancient spells book and decorate the kitchen with lizards, snakes, bats, frogs, spiders and any other animal you could use to make a potion.

With the ideas presented above, you can give your home a very spooky look. This will be far better than investing in expensive costumes. With the money that you will save by focusing on 2015 cheap Halloween costume ideas, you can decorate your home and give the trick-or-treaters the scare of a lifetime.