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How to Mix Modern With a Country Kitchen


Contemplating upon which type of design to use in your kitchen is found to be difficult especially when your kitchen is in an apartment. You will find yourself debating on using either a modern or a country designs; although these to types are among the most difficult types of kitchen design styles to mix up and use together since they are so different in many was. Although both stiles have so different approaches in the modeling patten of a kitchen you can combine elements of both styles, effectively creating a modern country kitchen.

In order to give a kitchen better spatiality you can take advantage of the different lighting techniques that you have at your disposal. By using a good balance between neon lighting which gives out a cold light that might be associated with the more metallic feeling of the modern style and an old stile light bulb which gives out a warm light which can be associated with the warmth of a candle you can tilt the balance of the stile either more in the favor of a modern or retro country kitchen. The way you arrange or appliances can also indicate the overall style of the kitchen. For example modern appliances don’t really fit into retro designs. But this doesn’t mean that you should start browsing yard sales in search for vintage appliances that would match the decor; you can still have the best coffee maker and meet your decor requirements, by pinpointing a few brands which create vintage-looking appliances precisely for this reason. Elmira, GE, Big Chill or Smeg are just a few of the brands which specialize in retro-looking appliances, from refrigerators to cooking stoves or microwaves; you can even find the best coffee maker among their products, we’re certain, and while you may have to pay a little extra, it will all be worth it in the end when you kitchen is the most welcoming and appealing room in the entire house. However you incorporate them in the furniture in order to avoid the modern touches. This way you can buy the latest dishwasher without worrying that its modern look will interfere with the kitchen’s design. Since you are investing in new appliances you should also consider practical factors such as efficiency.

The use of country design and modern materials together can give incredible rewording results in terms of design. While the country style kitchen brings in mind huge spaces and massive furniture and appliances, utilizing warm colors. The modern style is a minimalist one and with its neutral colors is not deemed worthy of tipping the balance in its favor when it comes to this type of combination, but doesn’t mean you can’t bring the best of it out with some stainless steel and some frosted glass.

Since the country kitchen style prefers warm colors like red, bright yellow and orange and the modern style tends to use shades of grey the two styles are opposites from the color point of view, these might be found intriguing and demanding by some, so we must chose carefully. So by wisely mixing the two styles, you can create a mirage of texture and beautiful color depending on your choice. As an example you can design the kitchen wall painting as grey, modern and accentuate with golden oranges, country style. Furthermore you should know that modern appliances can also come in various shapes an colors in order to be integrated in the overall design. They may cost more but the overall result will be worth it. So whether want a modern design or a retro one you can find ways of integrating the appliances and even use them to accentuate certain styles. However keep in mind that when it comes to appliances the quality is the most important aspect. So don’t buy a dishwasher just because it looks nice. Read the best dishwasher reviews and pick the item that has the most advantages.

By mixing a country tap with a more modern sink or by combining country style design sinks with modern appliances and stainless steal fixtures you can create an intriguing mix of styles that can easily impress your visitors.

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