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How to Make the Best out of Your Basement Space


The basement is one of the most underrated areas of a home. Most often, this area is used for storage or for holding large appliances such as a furnace or a dryer. However, this doesn’t mean that the basement doesn’t have the potential of being an amazing room in your home. With a little inspiration and some cheap and quick decorating ideas, you can quickly redesign the concept of your basement. Whether you need a playroom for your kids, a relaxation area for yourself or a game room where you can gather your friends for some fun nights, with proper guidance, the basement can quickly turn into your dream room.


If there’s one thing that everybody wants in their home that is more living space. If your kids are growing up and you are sick and tired of seeing their toys all over the house, you might want to consider turning the basement into a playroom. If your husband or boyfriend is always gathering his friends at your place to drink beer and watch football, you might consider tuning the basement in a man cave. If your small home gets too crowded at parties, you could turn your basement into a game room and equip it with a pool table, a darts board and much more.

Bureaucratic permissions

Depending on what type of modification you have in mind, you may need some permissions from your local council in order to start the redecorating process. Generally, if you only wish to change the use of your cellar without making any major modification, you will not need a planing permission. However, if you plan on modifying the structure of your home (for example, reduce the floor level in order to gain more height in the basement), you will need a planing permission. Furthermore, even for a basic change or use, you will need building regulation approval. This is a minimum construction standard which ensures the safety of a building.

Getting started

Since cellars are known to have humidity problems, the first thing that you will need will be a basement dehumidifier. This will also help you in the construction process. For example, if you plan on painting the walls, a dehumidifier will prepare the terrain by removing exceeds humidity from the walls, allowing the paint to adhere better. A basement dehumidifier will also prove useful later on as it will maintain your redecoration in good shape. You will also need to waterproof your cellar by either tanking it or using cavity membranes. Moreover, you will have to do some research on different types of lighting. Since most cellars have small windows, you will have to compensate with a combination of well places purposeful and ambient lights.

If our remodeling ideas sound too complicated, you can start with simple things. Assuming that you don’t have another place for your dryer, why not turn the basement into an airy laundry room. This means perhaps investing in a cool electric dryer which will successfully replace your ancient gas dryer. Modern dryers are more compact that older ones, they look better and they have more features. You can learn more about them if you do some research on the website. Aside from upgrading the dryer, you should also change the color of the walls and install more lights in order to make the space more welcoming.

If the basement is too cold, consider installing an infrared heater which will provide heat when you have to spend time in the basement. The infrared heater doesn’t need time to warm up as it provides instant heat. It is great for large and drafty spaces such as the basement.