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How to combine design styles like a pro


If up until a few years ago the rules of interior decorating were strict, these days people can incorporate different styles when decorating their rooms and achieve an eclectic look that matches their own style and personality perfectly. If you are one of those tired of the classic look, here are a few ideas on how to mix and match the traditional and contemporary styles in order to obtain a unique decor

Mix traditional art with modern furniture or the other way around

There are some great modern furniture Melbourne stores, so it is understandable why you would want to furnish your home with the products you find there, but if a completely modern home is not exactly what you have in mind, you could make a trip to your local thrift store and purchase a few modern art piece to give everything a little balance. However, if you prefer the comfort that traditional furniture offers, but you would still prefer a touch of modernism in your home, some abstract paintings are just the thing you need to create a perfect décor.


Link two design styles with an object

If you have a traditional room, but you feel like it could soon become too stuffy if you don’t take any measures, you should consider using a modern furniture item to connect the pieces together. For instance, a slingshot chair could be just what your living room needs to add something different and unify it thoroughly.


Create a mixture of style and keep the focus on one point

You don’t have to redecorate your entire home to make it look special, all you have to do is add just a bit of a different style and you will always be able to obtain something truly special. For instance, if you have an oriental rug and ethnic curtains, you should consider placing a modern chair near the windows. It will certainly create a unique look and make the room more comfortable.


Try to match elements of the same size and style

For instance, if you love your current classic, round dining room table, you can make the place more modern by adding some contemporary chairs that maintain the curves. Even though the chairs will have a modern look, they will complement the table and the rest of the room perfectly.


The thing about combining various styles is that you don’t have to change everything in your home; you only need to add a few elements to give the place more personality.