Sunday, December 17, 2017
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How Not to Hang Pictures: Rookie Errors to Avoid



You, like millions of others, probably believe that hanging pictures and photo frames on the wall really isn’t rocket science. And indeed it isn’t – it’s technically a relatively simple job that doesn’t involve a great deal at all.  Which prompts the relatively obvious question…why is it that so many people get it so incredibly wrong?

Now, by ‘wrong’ we don’t necessarily mean outright failure. After all, simply getting a picture or photo on the wall is something anyone can do in about 5 seconds flat. Instead, what we mean is getting the job done properly – achieving the kinds of results you expect if you were to hire an expert to do it for you. If there isn’t a great deal involved, where do we all go wrong?

The answer…well, as far as the experts are concerned, it all comes down to a bunch of relatively simple yet costly mistakes that can be made along the way.  So if you want to produce the kinds of results you’ll be genuinely proud of, here’s a quick rundown of just a few rookie errors to avoid when next hanging pictures, photos or pretty much anything else around the home:

1. Trusting adhesive hooks

First of all, there are very few adhesive hooks on the market these days that live up to their own claims to fame. This is particularly true of those you can pick up for a matter of pennies from discount stores all over the country, which for the vast majority of household purposes are, quite frankly, useless. Even if you do choose a quality adhesive hook, there is still every chance that the surface of your walls and/or the conditions in the room itself will soon wreck it entirely.  Best-case scenario, you damage your wall – worst case scenario, your picture gets dropped and destroyed.

2. Not planning ahead

You don’t have to be particularly meticulous, but you do at least have to have an idea in mind with regard to what you intend to do. One of the worst things you can do is grab a bunch of random pictures or photographs, pick up an equally random bunch of frames and go about the process of hanging them…well, randomly! The more carefully you think about what you would like to mount and where you would like it to be, the more likely you are to produce impressive results.

3. Not checking wall quality

Depending on where you live, the walls you intend to hang your pictures on could be made of anything from wood to plasterboard to solid concrete. And in all instances, the actual quality and integrity of the material itself could be anything from super-solid to brittle-as-eggshells. Regardless of your chosen method of hanging your pictures, you are setting yourself up for disaster if your walls cannot handle them. Particularly if you intend to hang something large, expensive, breakable, heavy or in any way important to you, you really must not even think about going ahead without first checking the quality and condition of your walls.

4. Allowing imperfections

Some might say that you really don’t have to get carried away with things like rulers and spirit levels, when hanging adornments on the walls of your home.  But they’re wrong…simple as that. At the same time, the fact that something isn’t immaculately straight or lined up as it should be might not bother you.  Over time however, it will probably drive you insane. Not only this, but with all additional photo frames and pictures/mirrors you add in the surrounding area, the more obvious it will be that something – or several things – are out of place.  It takes just a few extra minutes to ensure things are precise, but your on-going frustration and annoyance could be permanent!

5.  Overlooking ambient conditions

Last but not least, you need to think carefully about the ambient conditions in the rooms in which you intend to hang anything at all. Factors to consider include humidity and moisture, temperature and frequent temperature changes, direct sunlight, dry air and so on and so forth. Quite simply, anything that could stand to damage your adornments going forwards. If in doubt, the best advice is not to take chances – especially if it is a photo, mirror or piece of artwork you would prefer not to destroy.