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Hiring a reliable tradesman-useful guide



Major home projects usually require a professional with extensive knowledge and years of experience who is able to provide quality services and perfect results. Whether the homeowner needs electrical work or plumbing repairs, handling these situations on his own definitely represents a mistake because he will end up ruining his home.  Special jobs demand specialists. However, finding and hiring a tradesman can be a daunting process considering that some of them are quite dishonest. Yes, the advantages of resorting to a professional are well-known: he is able to provide long-lasting satisfactory results really fast but you also have to make sure that he is a decent human being and you feel comfortable with him working in your house. For this reason, in order to recognize and avoid dishonest tradespeople, you should follow certain rules.

Qualifications and license

The first step that will help you determine if you should hire the tradesman is asking about his qualifications and license. Every builder, plumber and electrician must have a certificate that proves he completed his apprenticeship. However, qualifications are useful to a certain extent because you do not know if his license has been revoked. Thus, the most important thing is to make sure his license is valid. If a tradesman works without having a proper license, he is practically breaking the law and he can end up imprisoned. Furthermore, the law forces all contractors to display their license number on signage and advertising.

Reviews and recommendations

Reviews represent a simple and fast method of discovering the necessary information even when it comes to your tradesman because you have the possibility to read the experiences and opinions of previous clients. On the other hand, you have to be very careful considering that service providers also have access to internet and they can post fake reviews in order to attract potential customers. Instead of being naïve and believing all the good reviews, you should try to contact those persons that wrote them in order to ask more questions and details regarding the quality of the results and the overall service. You have the right to ask for references so you should not neglect. If the tradesman knows that he completed his previous works professionally, he should not refuse you.

Completion date and upfront payments

However, the process does not stop when you decide to hire the tradesman because you have to pay close attention to his work from start to finish. Communicate with him in order to establish a completion date and agree on a payment plan. A decent tradesman not only will inform you and explain the reason for any delays, but he will never dare to ask the entire payment upfront and obviously, you should never accept this type of condition or request. A builder, for example, can demand money for materials and this is normal because he does not have to pay for them but this is an exception. Thus, you should set the things straight from the very beginning so both of you have a realistic perspective of the agreement.