Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Great ideas on how to use your loft space



You might have heard all your friends that they want to convert their roof into a functional space, and you might simply do not understand what use you can have of a loft. Your loft offers you valuable square footage, and if you decide to use it, it would make a big difference. In case you plan to sell your house in the future, you should give this room a functionality, because in this way you would be able to increase the listing price. You should avoid the situation of having clients around the house who are wondering how they could use that space, because this can make them change their mind, and opt for other property. You can hire a company specialised in North East London loft conversions to remodel the space and make it functional, because if the room is not finished it will look like an awkward area.

Transform it into a sitting area

In case you are living in a small house, and you consider that the living room is too little to spend time together with your family, you should transform the loft into a cosy sitting space. You should bring there a coffee table, a couch and a few chairs, or in case you consider that a sofa is too big for this space, you can place only some rattan chairs. Buy some fluffy pillows to accessorise the chairs, and add that warm vibe to the room.

Move your library in the roof

If you are a reading passionate, you might not feel comfortable to read in the living room, because everyone is moving around the room, and keep asking you questions. Therefore, you can design the loft as your own library, where you can read peacefully. You should take a look on the market to find the perfect shelves, add proper lighting and install a comfy chair close to the window.

Work from home in your loft-office

If you are working from home, then you might find difficult to concentrate on your tasks with the children running around the house. But if you install your office in the loft, they would not come here as often as they enter the living room for example, so you will be able to work in silence. The loft cannot be seen from the main areas of the house, and you can be sure that the important files are always in their place, because no one is coming here.

Design a home gym

When living in the suburbs you do not have time to hit the gym as often as you would like, because you would lose a lot of time on the way. Once you get there, you would be exhausted from driving, so it is a great idea to transform the loft into a home gym. You only have to bring there the workout equipment you need, and start working. And in case you do not work out, you can use this space as a meditation or yoga room.