Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Decorating ideas for Christmas


Christmas is perhaps the most celebrated holiday around the world, even though it has different variations in different countries, cultures and religions. But all of that mean nothing when it comes to roasting marshmallows round the fire, drinking cinnamon hot chocolate and enjoying the flickering of the Christmas lights. Decorating the house for Christmas is a greatly fun and uplifting activity, not to mention that it is the perfect opportunity to bring the family together. Making Christmas decoration is the most popular use of crafts supplies, such as ribbons and bows and glitter and glue and everything else. The fact that you can now find most, if not even all, of these items online, on websites such as, has made the entire process a lot easier and more and more people are now inclined towards making their own Christmas decorations and giving their home a nice spruce around this beautiful holiday.

Some of the most popular Christmas decorations that one can do with ribbons and bows and glitter and glue and other such arts and crafts supplies are the Christmas tree ones, but there are plenty of other ideas that can help you turn your house into a true Christmas-fest. First of all, if you have a large house, with a fireplace or stairs or even columns, then these grand places cannot be left without decorations. The mantles of the fireplaces can be easily decorated with Christmas wreath, which you can wrap around in gold or red ribbon, either organza or satin. From place to place, you can even attach a few Christmas tree globes and a few cones and it will look amazing. The same can be said about stairs, in fact about railings, which can be very easily wrapped in branches tied with ribbons and bows. If you use the same type of ribbon for the table centrepieces and all other decorations, that will give a very professional and homogenous look to your home. You can even choose a colour theme, such as red or gold or green and do all decorations in that particular colour.


When it comes to the Christmas tree, the decorating options are endless and it all has to do with individual taste and preferences. Some people like to decorate their tree with all colours and shapes and all types of globes and decorations, while others prefer to buy or make the decorations in only one colour and have a mono-colour Christmas tree. Regardless of what your preferences are, if you want the tree to perfectly match your home and all the decorations you’ve made for the house, even your Christmas dinner table, then you can use the same ribbon instead of tinsel. Ribbons will make the tree look fancier, especially gold ribbon and it will create a unitary look of the place. Furthermore, organza ribbon has a filling effect, so you don’t have to use as much as you would tinsel in order to make the tree look full and rich.