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Decorating a Foyer Using Amazing Tips


There are some great ways to make your guests feel welcomed in your home. But why not start from the first foot they put into the house? The first thing they see has a big impact on their opinion about your place. That is why decorating a foyer in a worm a welcoming style can be the best choice you can make.

Decorating a foyer can be very challenging, especially if your entry hall is very small. However, there are some tips that can help anyone bring a spark into their homes, even in these conditions. So, pay attention to this ideas we recommend you:

1. Paint the walls of your lobby using a light nuance. We suggest you to choose white, because this color will lighten the place and it will create the illusion of a larger space. Next, search for some decorative elements that won’t take too much from the lobby’s space. Frame the entryway by displaying a pedestal table on each side of the door; choose two tall plants to put on each one of the tables, and you will end up changing the entire aspect of your home.

2. Another idea would be to hang a big mirror above a nice piece of furniture. Mirrors have the ability to make a place look bigger than it actually is, so that is the a great choice you should consider. For an amazing result, purchase a vintage mirror and a wooden dresser. They will add a romantic touch to the way your entry hall looks, especially if you combine them with decorative candles.

3. Instead of a mirror you can hang a big painting on the wall. Depending on what your preferences are, you can choose between a portrait of one of your family members, and a movie star icon, such as Al Pacino or Audrey Hepburn. A small couch would look great under such a painting. However, if it doesn’t fit, a hot pink, or a turquoise chair is a wonderful alternative which will definitely make the room look more modern than ever.

4. Decorating a foyer can be very easy by using a rectangular small table, framed by two decorative vases. The focus point of this design could be a bowl filled with the most delicious chocolates sitting on top of the table. You can be sure your family, friends and all your guests will consider you the best decorator ever.

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