Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Choosing the right decoration plan for your house


Decorating your house can be a difficult task to complete, given the fact that not many people know how to properly do it. Being able to choose where everything goes and buying stuff that fits colour palettes and spaces is something you cannot do without a little bit of knowledge in the field or a piece of advice from a specialist. Knowing this, painting & decorating will no longer be that easy without knowing what you are doing, so keep on reading for some tips regarding this topic:

Choosing the right paint finish

First of all, you should understand how palettes and painting walls work. This means you should make a little research regarding how you need to match nuances all around your house. Here are the main styles you need to take into account:

  • Flat colours – used for ceilings; they give a simple, yet impactful effect to any room or hall
  • Eggshell colours – used in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms for that luxurious effect you are striving for
  • Satin colours – appropriate for kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms and hallways; they are extremely elementary and clean, but the touch they give is exactly what you want for a house
  • Semi-gloss colours – used for trim kitchen cabinets, along with doors and any other woodworking around the house; it will give that finishing look you want for your furniture, matching perfectly with the walls
  • Gloss colours – is rarely used, but when the opportunity shows you should try adding a lacquered look to furniture or counters around the house

Correctly hanging art

Where you are going to place your art, no matter how expensive or good looking it is will have a bigger impact that the item itself. Placing a gorgeous piece of artwork in a place that it cannot show its full power will mean you are wasting it. See below some tips for placing every piece correctly:

  • Lower your paintings – place your pieces of artwork as close to furniture as possible; don’t try hang a painting 1 meter above a shelf, because the attention of the visitors will be spread in every place around your home, but your artwork; that’s exactly what you want to avoid; placing the artwork just at the level of eye-sight is ideal
  • Stacking art – if you eventually think about hanging more pieces of artwork on a single wall; make sure it will act as one single piece; placing them equally distant to each other will give the right effect to your room’s ambiance
  • Don’t leave too much open space – try using all the space you have, but do not exaggerate or overdo a certain area; try spreading the art in a equilibrate wa

All in all, make sure you keep in mind every rule you may find useful in decorating your house. If you still have no idea how to put everything together, do not hesitate to contact a professional in the field to get the best out of your living space. After all, your house represents yourself so do not hurry when making a decision.