Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Cheap and chic decorating ideas for home


Everybody wants to have a beautiful and comfortable home but it can be very expensive to do that. Fortunately, there are some other alternatives that are affordable for everybody. You just need to find some interesting ideas and to put them into practice. It is wonderful to know that you can buy some affordable or even cheap materials and transform them into some fantastic decorations. It is very important to work peacefully and pay attention to every detail because this is how you can make wonderful things. You can buy for example some cheap organza bags and use them as scented bags for your bedroom. They will look very chic and what is also important to mention is the fact that your bedroom will smell so good all the time.


Potpourri bags – perfect for your bedroom

If you are in love with those fresh and inspiring smells, you should know that your house can smell perfect all the time if you will use some special potpourri bags. It is not difficult to make them because you can do everything without thinking too much. You will just need some colourful petals from different flowers, some organza bags and some ribbons. It is your choice if you want to use the same colour for any bag, or if you want to make everything different. But don’t forget that it is very important to use some transparent bags because if you want to have a wonderful result, all the petals should be visible. Another important detail is that you need to let the petals dry a few days before and for a better result you can also use some fancy  ribbons and tie the bags or make some little and cute bows.

Photo frames and ribbons

If you like unusual decorating ideas, you should know that you can make yourself some special photo frames only using some old frames, some different ribbons and paint. It is very simple to make them because you don’t have to be extremely skilful in order to create something impressive. Use your imagination and you will see that the result will make you proud of yourself. It is so good to imagine how these decorations will make your home look fantastic. You can use different sizes of frames and choose some ribbons that will match with them. On the other hand, don’t forget that the colour is very important, so you must consider the colour of the walls if you want to make everything look perfect together.