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Be a smart business woman – try 1031 exchange!


Business domain is not always an easy thing to handle, especially for those who want to be successful. And when it comes to women, things can be more complicated. Even if a lot of women prove to be successful and creative when it comes to business, there are many cases when they are discriminated by others, only because they wear a dress or a skirt.

On the other hand, there are some who claim that women should handle only businesses which involve cooking, clothes, decorations, organizing events and other things like that. But this is not a modern way of thinking. And due to the fact that we believe that women are capable of running some of the most successful business, here there is a good suggestion that they have to bear in mind: the modern concept of 1031 exchange.


What is 1031 exchange more precisely?


In order to understand better what 1031 really means, you have to look for a company which deals with these things, because believe us when we say that gathering all the necessary documents for properties exchanging can be a very difficult thing to do. And if you do not know any, our best recommendation is to look for dst 1031and you will find a list with a lot of companies which are part of this domain. Dst comes from Delaware Statutory Trusts and it is a separate legal entity which was created under the law of Delaware.


If you ask for help, the whole procedure would seem simpler and the most important part is that you can get rid of the selling tax. Usually, if you decide to sell the propriety, instead of exchanging it, you will have to pay some taxes. But remember the rule which says that a 1031 is not for personal use, but for investment and business estates.

Ask questions!


Do not feel ashamed to ask questions about dst 1031, due to the fact that the procedure is not so easy to handle, especially if you do not have any clue how things really work. And also bear in mind the fact that it is much simpler when you do it with someone who has already experience in this domain. But do not forget to respect the deadlines.

Some advantages of trying 1031 exchange


  • You can avoid paying tax
  • You can find a more advantageous property which can help you have a better management of your resources and responsibilities
  • You can exchange your property for one which comes with a lower mortgage
  • It is possible for you to exchange an apartment for a ranch or something like that. But make sure that the exchange is really advantageous!
  • “Delays” are accepted. Even if in the majority of cases an exchange involves only swapping a property for another there are others important aspects such appealing to a delay. In the case of a delayed exchange, you can ask for a middleman who has the role to hold the cash that you receive after you exchange the property you own with another which has a lower value and the “buyer” accepts to give you some money instead. And you can reinvest this new capital in something new.