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Affordable decorating ideas – integrate ribbons in every room of your house


If you are looking to step up your décor game but you are not in a great finance phase, we advise you try working out something involving ribbons, they are versatile, affordable and fun to work with, and for the beginning of your crafty incursions, these are great ways of testing your skills. You can easily find masterfully manufactured ribbons at, while we can give you a couple of ideas of home décor involving them.

1. Ribbon chandelier for your children’s room

Make this amusing little craft by using a hula-hoop of small diameter, a couple of ribbons, and some rope for creating the hanger. Using a hot glue gun, secure pieces of ribbons of different sizes on your hoop. Repeat the process until its entire surface is completely covered, and then, using the rope create a hanger by tying it from three different spots. Now you have a new item to draw the entire attention to, and it’s completely crafted by you!

2. Prep up your dining table with ribbons

Versatile as they are, you can dress up your table by arranging on a wooden or copper tray a couple of candles in a neutral colour, a couple of dried flowers and some pieces of ribbons carelessly arranged between all of these. You can vary this décor during the holiday season by adding themed ribbons, because luckily suppliers have a variety of options available. From red and green ribbons, to star-cut ones and delicate chiffon ones, you can mix and match them accordingly to every season.

3. Ribbon pillowcase

If you own a sewing machine and you are familiar with a sewing machine, you can create a beautiful and colourful pillowcase, by simply weaving some pieces of ribbon. You simply need ribbons in a variety of colours, cut into pieces of similar length, weave them horizontally as well as vertically, and then sewing all of them together for more security. This is a simple, yet effective way of creating pillowcases that will impress all your visitors, because you can chose ribbons in a variety of colours and patterns.

4. Ribbon wreath for your entrance

You can vary this item, as the seasons change, and make it fit the general décor. For example, during winter choose green, silver and red ribbons, during spring pastels, and during summer corals. They all complement the general feel of your home.