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A mini-guide to outdoor lighting


There are many reasons why you should illuminate your patio or your courtyard, one of the most important ones being functionality. You can easily navigate at night, so you will not have trouble finding your way to the front door. Garden lights add a high degree of security to your home as well driving away possible intruders. The presence of lighting in the open air will definitely make your outdoor environment safer. To learn about the most common types of outdoor lighting and their impact, carefully read this mini-guide. The right choice will help you enjoy your courtyard, entertain guests and, most important, feel safe.

Defining outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting refers to a system composed of various fixtures, an electrical cable and a transformer that is typically used with the purpose of improving home security. The security element is generally low voltage, being available as hardware or solar units. It also has a decorative role, so it can be used for illuminating the garden or the courtyard. Outside fixtures are useful in the summer as well as in the winter.

Main types of outdoor lighting  

Wall lights: Wall fixtures such as lanterns and candlesticks are placed on low supports and mounted on vertical surfaces with the purpose of producing pervasive lighting for all night enjoyment. They are ideal for illuminating driveways, so the chances that you will trip or fall are pretty slim. In order to illuminate your pathway or the street, consider installing LED bulbs.

Ornamental lights: They are largely used to place the spotlight on gardens, statues, and fountains due to the fact that they do not draw attention.

Security lights: Also known as flood lights, they are capable of reaching long distances without producing an asymmetric light. The fixtures illuminate the moment they detect movement. This is the reason why they are used with success to reduce criminal activity.

How to make energy savings

If you do not want the exterior fixtures to augment the price of your energy bill, you should consider fixtures that use less energy, such as LED lights. Replace the most commonly used bulbs or fixtures with Energy Star products. Another great option for saving your money are floor light because you do not have to let them on all evening. These models have an extra-long life and they use approximately 70% less energy.